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Retail Roadmap to Financial Success

Isn't it time to get your retail business working for you? Blast through the distractions and common myths and learn the smartest way to build a profitable business so you can pay yourself more and worry less about paying your bills. The Retail Roadmap to Financial Success gives you access to a 6 step framework from Jennifer Rust of Creative Profit Planning to understand how to make your business profitable and put more cash in your pocket. 

This is unit 1 of a full 7-week guided course compliments of Creative Profit Planning. Learn more!

Guided Course Schedule:

• Week 1: An overview of the components that make your store profitable

• Week 2: Demystifying Your Financial Statements. Understanding How to read them and where cash can be hiding in invisible expenses.

• Week 3: When will I truly be cash flow positive (or have ___ dollars in cash profit in my business? The art of developing a breakeven plan.

 Week 4: Implementation week.

• Week 5: Pricing for profit…the exact formula that will make your store profitable and how to use it.

• Week 6: Understanding Inventory Turnover. Calculating it in your business and using it to improve cash flow.

• Week 7: The Basics of Creating an OTB plan.

Jennifer Rust

CEO | Creative Profit Planning

Jennifer Rust is the CEO of Creative Profit Planning, a former retail store owner and a seasoned CPA. She works to develop roadmaps to profitability for independent retail stores, guiding them down the path to resolution of their financial challenges and putting more money in the pockets of her clients.

Jennifer has lived and breathed what you are experiencing on a personal level in her own retail business and shared in many financial challenges through the eyes of hundreds of diverse small businesses in her accounting practice. Jennifer now she shares that knowledge with the entrepreneurs who are willing to commit to tightening their belts, following a plan, and opening their eyes and hearts to the possibility of what financial freedom could look like in their businesses. Her clients consist of a diverse group of retail stores both large and small in all areas of the United States. She is a proud Affiliate of Management One and ASTRA.


Retail Roadmap to Financial Success
Open to view video.
Open to view video. This is unit one of a series of guided courses delivered by Jennifer Rust of Creative Profit Planning.