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Retail Roadmap to Financial Success

Isn't it time to get your retail business working for you? Blast through the distractions and common myths and learn the smartest way to build a profitable business so you can pay yourself more and worry less about paying your bills. The Retail Roadmap to Financial Success gives you access to a 6 step framework from Jennifer Rust of Creative Profit Planning to understand how to make your business profitable and put more cash in your pocket. 

This is unit 1 of a full 7-week guided course compliments of Creative Profit Planning. Learn more!

Guided Course Schedule:

• Week 1: An overview of the components that make your store profitable

• Week 2: Demystifying Your Financial Statements. Understanding How to read them and where cash can be hiding in invisible expenses.

• Week 3: When will I truly be cash flow positive (or have ___ dollars in cash profit in my business? The art of developing a breakeven plan.

 Week 4: Implementation week.

• Week 5: Pricing for profit…the exact formula that will make your store profitable and how to use it.

• Week 6: Understanding Inventory Turnover. Calculating it in your business and using it to improve cash flow.

• Week 7: The Basics of Creating an OTB plan.

Jennifer Rust

CEO | Creative Profit Planning

Experienced Chief Executive Officer and Financial Coach with a demonstrated history of helping companies become profitable and stay profitable. Years of personal experience in owning a retail business and working with retail stores has provided a proven history of success in building and maintaining profit in retail businesses. Skilled in Budgeting, Tax Preparation, Banking, Retail, and Sales. Strong business development professional with a BBA focused in Accounting from Siena College.


Retail Roadmap to Financial Success
Open to view video.
Open to view video. This is unit one of a series of guided courses delivered by Jennifer Rust of Creative Profit Planning.