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Your customers rate your “performance” every time they come in contact with you and your store. Their critique starts with what they see, hear and experience. There is a direct reflection between your visual merchandising and your brand identity. Explore strategies for effective store merchandising, first impressions, store layout, productivity of space, importance of signage, effective displays and the emotional connection through your customers' senses are all part of the retail stage.

Do the words "retail math" make you sweat? Do you believe you can buy "by the seat of your pants" and stay in business? The truth is, successful retailers analyze, understand and make their numbers work for them because they “measure what matters”. Being prepared before you go to market is critical. This session will show you how to manipulate your pricing and you'll see how a buying plan is created without computer software! Planning stocks, sales, reductions turnover and open-to-buy with a focus on classification control will put you in a "never fear" attitude when it comes to retail math. You will see how to manipulate profit variables that will give you the tools to provide more to your bottom line.

Understanding the "5 Rights of Product Forecasting" and how they affect your open-to-buy and eventually your ROI is the goal of this session. Strategic buying techniques center around knowing who your customer is, what they want, and how to attract them, engage them and motivate them to buy. Buying merchandise is a skill that needs to be honed. It's not just about enjoying the hunt of the merchandise for your toy store, it is about timing, delivery options, classification control, vendor performance, inventory management and creating events that bring the customer back. But let me remind you, having a great selection of merchandise is nothing without a well trained staff!

Don't you want your customers to stop, look and buy at every turn in your store? In order to create captivating displays it is important to incorporate the basic elements of good design. Can you name them? Do you know how to implement them? In this session we will:

•Discover the basics of good design.

•Determine the techniques needed for effective use of shelving and endcaps.

•Realize how the correct merchandising of walls and cash wraps can increase sales.

•Experience how free standing displays, movement and technology significantly add to the customer experience.

The goal of any store should be to create that important experience for the customer that showcases merchandise and is a feast for their senses!


Course 110: Visual Merchandising
Recorded 04/28/2015
Recorded 04/28/2015 1 hour 13 minutes
Merchandising Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test
Course 111: Inventory Management
Recorded 04/28/2015
Recorded 04/28/2015 1 hour 11 minutes
Inventory Management Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test
Course 112: Product Forecasting
Recorded 04/28/2015
Recorded 04/28/2015 50 minutes
Forecasting Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test
Course 210: Visual Displays
Recorded 10/13/2015
Recorded 10/13/2015 Webinar
Visual Display Test
8 Questions
8 Questions Test
Webinar Survey
1 Question
1 Question Survey