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Financials You Can Understand-- 20% OFF (Members Only)!

ASTRA's Financials You Can Understand will walk you through all of the numbers in your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement and answer all your pressing budget questions.

Where did these numbers come from? What do they mean? How can I make them stronger? Financials You Can Understand will answer these and many more questions you may have about budgeting for your business.

Learn what numbers you should be tracking and how yours compare to other specialty toy stores'. Once you understand the basics, Financials You Can Understand provides special boxes with advanced, in-depth knowledge on more detailed ways to track and improve your numbers.

Make your business better with ASTRA's printed guide, Financials You Can Understand!

Financials You Can Understand is 20% off! No discount code needed in cart. Discounted book price: $71.20


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