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Customer/Vendor Certificate

The Retailer/Sales Rep Relationship

Raising the Bar on Customer Service

Becoming a Trust Advisor

What is your company's “touchpoint score”? Are you aware of where you must put your focus to avoid any and all parts of your customer service falling through that lethal crack?

In this session you will:

Define what makes a “touchpoint” in your business and how to make them memorable, enviable and repeatable.

Learn the skills required to consistently exceed your customer's expectations.

Adopt a “service recovery process” that's more than an apology when things go wrong. Customer service is your defining advantage. It is the one main area that sets you apart from the competition. It is made up of countless touchpoints on a daily basis that inevitably create a “report card” in the customer's mind. Don't you need it to always be an A+?

By taking a walk in your customer's shoes, you experience “their” journey and have a laser focus to fix the cracks along the way.


Course 130: Sales Rep Relationship
Recorded 04/20/2015
Recorded 04/20/2015 30 minutes
Course 131: Customer Service
Recorded 04/21/2015
Recorded 04/21/2015 30 minutes
Raising the Bar on Customer Service Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test
Course 132: Trusted Advisor
Recorded 04/21/2015
Recorded 04/21/2015 31 minutes
Becoming a Trusted Advisor Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test
230: Customer Service Touchpoints
Recorded 10/13/2015
Recorded 10/13/2015 Webinar
Customer Service Touchpoints Test
10 Questions
10 Questions Test