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Benchmarking Survey 2018

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"I love the way they take information and give me the benchmarks to compare against other stores like me. It gives me the places to look for more money in my business." --Gwen Ottenberg, Imagine That Toys, Wichita, KS

In turbulent times, financial benchmarking information is more important than ever before. The best source of financial benchmarks for the specialty toy industry is the ASTRA Retailer Benchmarking Survey. The information in this report provides answers to questions such as, "are the most successful firms in a down market placing more emphasis on gross margin or expense control?"

ASTRA members can purchase a summary report that provides a financial and operating profile of the entire industry that includes an explanatory webinar.  


Webinar Part 1
Recorded 12/18/2017
Recorded 12/18/2017 Industry Insights shares the why and how of benchmarking in part one of the webinar.
Webinar Part 2
Recorded 12/18/2017
Recorded 12/18/2017 Industry Insights explains the importance of benchmarking, how to use the reports and utilizing the data to create a competitive advantage in part two of the webinar.
Benchmarking Report 2018
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource.