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ASTRA Shopper Insights 1.0

ASTRA Shopper Insights 1.0

ASTRA worked with our partner STELLAR to produce ASTRA Shopper Insights 1.0. The insights found in this 61-page PDF are the result of a thorough survey of a panel of 834 respondents, heavily comprised of millennial moms, and indexes affluent and educated.

The ASTRA Innovation Council is seeking to help its members better understand the customer base that supports the specialty toy store channel. In order to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving retail landscape, ASTRA members need to know who to target, what motivates them to shop specialty over other alternatives, and how to attract and keep their business in the near term future which the Council is defining as 3 years out.

Develop a profile of the current and potential high-value specialty toy store shopper. Bring to life the voice of the customer and create a robust demographic and psychographic understanding that can be used to drive strategies and tactics for growth. 


ASTRA Shopper Insights 1.0 PDF
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. The results of the study and survey in a 61-page PDF document.